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  • Community Events

    39th Annual Lancaster Covered Bridge Classic
    8-20-17 9:30 am - Great Falls Obstacle Course
    Bike Me DC!

    Lancaster Covered Bridge ClassicSunday August 20, 2017 The Lancaster Covered Bridge Classic (formerly the Covered Bridge Metric Century) is a classic Pennsylvania ride now in its 39th year. It offers beautiful routes of 100 miles, 62 miles, 31...

    Koryu Bujutsu, Martial Arts, Samurai Arts, Jujutsu, Ninjutsu
    8-20-17 9:30 am - Great Falls Obstacle Course
    The Koryu Bujutsu (Jujutsu / Ninjutsu) School of NoVA

    Greetings to all Koryu Bujutsu members. At this next meet-up we will focus on Tai Sabaki and Nage Waza. The old systems that Koryu is comprised of focus on ending a situation quickly, decisively and efficiently. Come on down to a class and see...

    OCR Unleashed GoRuck Training
    8-20-17 9:30 am - Great Falls Obstacle Course
    OCR Unleashed (obstacle course training & coaching)

    We are doing a beginner to advanced GoRuck training this Sunday. If you always wanted to know what GoRuck is about and do one then join us this Sunday.Please RSVP and pay through the website and PayPal.Check our Facebook page for more details...

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